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With Radical Creativities, we seek to provide a platform for the stories and experiences of people and organisations which consider the cultural as necessary to achieve the just and equitable transformation of communities, manifesting this ambition through action. Radical Creativities will welcome diverse voices from all backgrounds, embracing the expressive use of different languages and media. Radical Creativities proudly embraces plurality as the only way to understand the complexity that surrounds us, to make it our own and to respect it with our actions. In the project’s name, we use ‘Creativity’ in the plural, emphasising the need to legitimise different practices and histories, bringing them together and letting them mutually contaminate each other. Academic research, cultural practice and art are not three separate worlds, but rather different ways to interpret, understand and assimilate the same reality. Through these three lenses, we explore who we are as communities across time and space, in permanent transition.

Latest Publications

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