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Lorenzo Biferale

Lorenzo is a full-time PhD student in Regional Science and Economic Geography at Gran Sasso Science Institute in L’Aquila (Italy). His research focuses on cultural economics and data science. He is also a consultant in cultural and creative policies for KEA in Brussels. In High School, he founded Quindici19 - a non-profit currently working on international cultural programs exploring the link between creativity and social change.

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Aline Albertelli

Aline, a curious passionate about art and culture. Currently donning the hat of a consultant at KEA, she supports research, project management and communication roles. Armed with a background in cultural economics and management, her journey weaves through the creative sector. Before the KEA chapter, Aline delved into the worlds of creative start-ups, artists’ studios, and research on cultural policy, specifically exploring avenues to nurture creative entrepreneurship and forge public-private partnerships for cultural heritage.

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