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ART spells the first three letters of TRAnsformation backwards

(1) De Droominee

art is playing

art speaks in layers

art is connecting dots

art is an eye for the blind

an ear to the deaf

a soul to the lost

art is purpose finding

art is combining

art cures

art is pure

art is divine

art is out of it’s mind

art is reinventing

art is open

art is starting and ending

art is a glass full

art is a glass empty

art shatters glass

art is shredding with tears

art confronts your fears

art pieces the bits

art wears the shoe that fits

art holds things together

but then breaks them again

art is your enemy

art is your friend

art is new beginnings

or meeting the ends

art is begging for mercy

art is grace in your face

art dresses up dandy

art has no taste

art is killing time

with no time to waste

art is the same thing

from a different angle

art is a sinkhole

for memories to disappear

art is this moment here

art is a flashback

captured in words

art is the future before it occurs

art breathes

art hurts

art shares secrets over megaphones

art lures through time windows

art unshackles

art rattles

art declutters

art sweats

art anchors the not yet

art is building

art is tearing down

art is safe

art is sound

art tells the truth

art kills the lies

art is annoying

art is avoiding

art is dead serious

art is looking in rear view mirrors

art is skin and bones freed from the closet

art shakes up the dust from under the carpet

art makes the difficult look like easy does it

when easy doesn’t

art is binoculars

art is watching stars tell-us-coping

but then hoping they fall

art is like depressing light in shopping malls

art is sun and bright

art will get you through the night

art is a voice within

art is wearing thin

art is unveiling

art is ceiling

art is a cellar

filled with old and new wine

art performs out of line

art is shifting the paradigm

art is sentences rearranged

art is strange

art is chaos framed

art is wild and untamed

artists are connected

artists like raised fists

artists plot together

artists reimagine

artists socialise

in artistic settings

to draw the bigger picture in fractions

artists combined


forms unpacked

projections untapped

choreographies of what comes next

artists are lost in music no turning back

a depth of mysteries unpacked

artists weave from the known and unknown

a tapestry of in-betweens

artists co-create and flow

artists do it themselves but not alone

artists in community and biotope

artists aikido the critics

artists brings the not yet in practice

artists take what is extinct and resurrect it

artists are not looking for something perfect

artists leave a mark even if there is no market

artists between autonomy and community a balancing act

artists have got the conundrum sampled

artists reveal presence

artists remix their disciplines

artists discover a new language

artists embody transformed things

art form

art transforms

art is transforming

artists transform things

art is transformed thinking

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