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Folios - A Creativity Revival

(1) Lwando Xaso, (2) Adama Sanneh

(1) Human rights lawyer, writer, historian and promoter of democracy and constitutionalism

(2) Co-Founder and CEO of The Moleskine Foundation

The following two articles are excerpts from Folios vol.5v“A Creativity Revival. On Consciousness, Communion andvJoy.”

Folios is the annual publication of the Moleskine Foundation exploring, documenting, and archiving, with an abiding curiosity, together with some of the world’s most thoughtful and effective creative doers and thinkers, he power of creativity as a tool for social change. It is fast becoming an indispensable guide into the meaning and working of creativity and all its world-making, light-bearing, and expansive possibilities as told by the people doing the work. Folios serves as an antenna in the complex matrix of our intertwined communities and relationalities, which we knit and unravel through many ways of creativity.

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