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FOREWORD: KEA - For Culture to address Global Challenges

(1) Philippe Kern

(1) Founder & Managing Director KEA

This foreword stems from research work undertaken by KEA at the request of the Council of Europe to propose and coordinate the work on the drafting of a Recommendation on culture to help address global challenges. The recommendation2 was adopted on 20.5.2022 in Turin. KEA European Affairs is an international policy design research centre specialised in culture and creative industries as well as sport, education and youth. Since 1999, KEA has pioneered research on the transformative power of cultural practices, supporting institutions like the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, the European Investment Bank and the World Intellectual Property Organisation, as well as managing projects in the context of Creative Europe, Horizon Europe, Cohesion policy, Interreg, DEVCO and External Actions.

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