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How the arts can play a role in societal challenges: collective action via contemporary commissioning

(1) Ellen Loots

(1) Erasmus University, Rotterdam

[excerpt] The arts and culture (and by extension heritage and creative industries) have come into the picture in two ways lately. First, they are considered vulnerable sectors that need to become more resilient, which became clear during the COVID-19 pandemic (OECD, 2020). Even before the pandemic, the arts and culture sectors have been challenged to become more self-sustaining and to take initiatives to better deal with environmental sustainability and fair practices. Hence, their labor markets are described as entailing work that is insecure and poorly paid (Comunian & England, 2020; van Andel & Loots, 2021). On a more positive note, the arts and culture are considered able to contribute to the grand societal challenges of the 21st Century. With creativity as a key input, the arts and culture sectors can convey meaning, propel the imagination that is needed to come up with solutions, and provoke necessary behavioral changes. [...]

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